We are proud

to offer a large range of skirtings, architraves, picture and dado rails as well as decorative mouldings to compliment any project.

 Manufactured in our factory to the highest quality standards these can be produced from any timber including Medium Density Fibreboard (M.D.F), Exotic Hardwoods, Meranti or Pine.

See our range of HS mouldings below

HS 150_1-140 x 22mm Skirting

HS 151-140 x 22mm Skirting

HS 152-140 x 22mm Skirting

HS 153-140 x 22mm Skirting

HS 154-140 x 22mm Skirting

HS 155-140 x 22mm Skirting

HS 143-70 x 32mm Decorative Moulding

HS 142-44 x 22mm Decorative Moulding

HS 141-44 x 22mm Dado Rail

HS 140-44 x 22mm Dado Rail

HS 131-65 x 65mm Handrail

HS 130-80 x 70mm Handrail

HS 129-65 x 55mm Handrail

HS 127-90 x 22mm Skirting

HS 126-90 x 22mm Skirting

HS 125-90 x 22mm Skirting

HS 124-90 x 22mm Skirting

HS 123-90 x 22mm Skirting

HS 122-10 x 8mm Glazing Bead

HS 121-65 x 22mm Architrave Moulding

HS 120-32 x 8 Cover Strip

HS 119-65 x 42mm Handrail

HS 117-65 x 45 Handrail

HS 116-65 x 65 Handrail

HS 115-85 x 65mm Handrail

HS 112-32 x 16mm Decorative Moulding

HS 113-44 x 22 Decorative Moulding

HS 111-17 x 17mm Decorative Moulding

HS 110-22 x 15mm Decorative Moulding

HS 109-32 x 21mm Decorative Moulding

HS 108-20 x 9mm Trim Moulding

HS 106-30 x 19mm Trim Moulding

HS 107-28 x 21mm Decorative Moulding

HS 105-22 x 5mm Trim Moulding

HS 104-22 x 22mm Decorative Moulding

HS 103-22 x 7mm Trim Moulding

HS 102-22 x 7mm Trim Moulding

HS 101-20 x 12mm Decorative Moulding